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Yoga Practice

Yoga & Pilates Truro

Our Boutique Studio

Join us in our bright and airy studio, nestled in the heart of Truro city centre.


Our boutique studio is an intimate venue which allows our instructors to give more attention and care to our clients needs. Smaller groups enable us to get to know you better, working on a more personal and effective level. We host at least 3 classes a day, 6 days a week! Keep an eye on our social media platforms for our pop up events.


We provide all the equipment you will need for your practice, so no need to bring a mat.

 Find us on the second floor of Uneeka Life:

5 Boscawen Street, Truro, TR1 2EL. 


To access the studio for daytime classes, just head up through Café Uneeka and follow the signs. The café below, is a vibrant and wonderful place to grab a coffee or a spot of lunch with friends, after your class! 

For the evening classes, you will be met at the front door of Uneeka Life. The doors will be open 15 minutes before class starts. Please arrive a little early so we can start promptly. If it's your first class with us, please allow a few extra minutes to fill in a registration form.

Our studio space is for our exclusive use, and is not available for hire.


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Meet Shuñi

Shuñi has been practicing Yoga for over a decade

Shuñi gained her Yoga teaching qualification in 2013 and in 2014 qualified as a Pilates instructor. She has been teaching weekly Yoga and Pilates classes throughout Cornwall, to a variety of clients. Shuñi is welcoming, patient and knowledgeable. Her classes are inclusive and progressive, allowing space for anyone to join and for everyone to better their practice.  

Meet Kaan

Kaan has been a dedicated Yogi since 2014

Kaan's Yoga journey started when he had a serious cycling accident which threatened to limit his shoulder mobility. As a keen surfer and surf coach, Kaan had to rehabilitate and regain his strength and flexibility. Kaan is an Outdoor Education and Sports Science graduate and in 2018 he qualified as a Hatha Yoga teacher. He is kind, calm and down to earth. His classes are great for those recovering from injury and need to take things a little steadier.

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Classes Offered

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a floor based practice focussing on a deep exploration into a small number of postures, held for a prolonged period. It is a slow and meditative practice, which targets deep connective tissues, joints and bones. Yin gives you time to tune into your mind and the physical sensations in your body, learning how to breathe, relax and sit with your thoughts. We finish the practice with a deep relaxation, allowing you to dedicate a little more time to yourself.


Pilates is a slow mat based practice which improves posture, strength and overall fitness. The main focus is core strength to support everyday movement and improve the body's longevity. This is achieved by co-ordinating movements with conscious breathing, improving balance, stability and core strength. All classes conclude with guided relaxation.

Slow Flow Yoga

Slow Flow Yoga is a steady but strong, Vinyasa style practice, where we flow from one pose to the next. This practice builds strength & stability in the shoulders, flexibility in the hips & back and improves core strength & balance. This fluid, flowing sequence gives you the time and space needed to focus on what is best for your mind, body & practice. All classes finish with guided relaxation.

 Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is perfect for beginners, or those rehabilitating from an injury. This is a Hatha style practice, combining slow, deliberate movements with our breath to gain strength, flexibility and increase our range of movement. This class is great for people suffering with sciatica, lower back and shoulder pain. The practice concludes with guided relaxation.

Studio Schedule

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Kids Yoga Cornwall

Little Yogis 4+

Our Little Yogis learn about yoga and breathing techniques through the media of stories, songs and games. These classes are a great introduction to yoga, keeping it fun and exciting. We often incorporate crafts to accompany a story, which develop fine motor skills, concentration and creativity. Our yoga games help the Little Yogis to build confidence, learn to co-operate with one another, and develop friendships.  Each class finishes with a mindful guided relaxation.  

Junior Yogis 8+

The Junior Yogis are the next step, progressing away from story based Yoga. In this class the yogis develop their strength, stamina and flexibility, whilst building confidence and resilience. This is achieved by attempting harder postures and holding them for a little longer. The Junior Yogis follow a theme giving them the opportunity to broaden their yoga knowledge. The yogis often create their own yoga sequences based on a theme, and sometimes they even teach them! Every class finishes with a guided relaxation, giving the yogis the opportunity to switch off and enjoy a few moments, free from distraction, where nothing is expected of them. 

Teen Yogis 12+

The Teen Yogis are one step away from an adult class. They follow a similar curriculum to our Junior Yogis, but we go a bit deeper in terms of anatomy and physiology, how and body works and why. We aim to reduce stress and anxiety, whilst gaining strength, flexibility and stamina.  We teach them how to regulate and manage mood, and how to overcome obstacles mentally. The classes are structured to build a routine, whilst providing time out from screens and technology. Every class concludes with a guided relaxation, which often promotes thoughtful questions and conversation. 

Our kids classes run in term time only. For more information click the button below. 

Private Classes

Ask us about our private classes. We offer one-to-one tuition for those who require a more in depth class or for those wanting to meet specific targets. Our private sessions are great for those recovering from injury or those a little nervous of a group session.

   We also offer staff well-being sessions for your colleagues and business.


I have been lucky enough to have enjoyed
Shuni's classes for the last few years.
She is everything you could possibly want as
a yoga teacher.
Her classes are clear and disciplined but are
always delivered with warmth and kindness,
She cares deeply for all of her students and
never misses the chance to correct a posture
and improve your yoga. After a tough day,
her positivity and spirit will always greet you at
the door - its an hour to look forward to.

Liza P

Contact Us

Yoga and Pilates Truro, Cornwall, UK TR1 2EL  |  Tel: 07974195210

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